Reign of Decay - History

Inspired from local bands in Munich like Precision Engineers and Haggard, Reign of Decay was founded in the summer of 1996 of Thomas Taube (drums), Michael Heller (vocals) and Martin Fuchs (guitars). After some brief members Thomas Kiris (bass) joined the band as a permanent member and the first demo-tape "The great fall" was recorded in 1996. After some more or less successful concerts, Michael Zech (guitars) joined the band in 1998 as a permanent member and the second demo-tape "Obtuse mankind" was recorded in the same year. After some more concerts and positiv press-releases the first full-length demo-cd "Clockwork" was released in 1999 and obtained attention in the underground-scene. Unfortunately a period of misfortune followed: The band lost it's rehearsel room and Michael Heller (vocals) left the band in reason of a lack of time for the band. After some brief members for the vocals, Helge Stang joined the band in June 2003 as a permanent member of Reign of Decay. While playing some very successful concerts with Vital Remains, Desaster and other bands, the band entered the "Source of Soundscape" studio in Munich and the current album "Perceptions of Reality" was released in October/November 2005.


Reign of Decay - Info

Reign of Decay denote their music as athmospheric and progressive Death-Metal, which roots are to be found in the late 80's and early 90's. Groups like Pestilence, Chemical Breath, Benediction, Dark Millennium, Atheist, Gorefest, Morgoth but although Pink Floyd influenced the music of Reign of Decay anyhow but nevertheless the sound can be denoted as individuall and shows a lot of variety in many cases. The idea behind "Reign of Decay" is the destructive domination of mankind in all its varieties, forms and utterances. A very important part of the bands concept are the lyrics beneath the music. For Reign of Decay Metal is beneath the music itself a way of expression, so that the music became the medium for lyrical concepts in philosophical or documentary form. The band is not a political group at all but has to be seen as a documentation of reality how it is seen or perceived through the eyes and feelings of some musicians that look sorrowed on the present and towards the future. How the music and the concept will develop in the future is out of all predictions, bacause selfdetermination reduces the creativity which is the source of every musician as an artist. In this case enrich your mind wherever u can...